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When thinking of how the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee should strengthen their presence in the community, I designed a new logo that conveys cool, inviting, and inclusive vibes. This logo maintained brand familiarity by redesigning the traditional solid green pictured in the  "CAS" to include vibrant colors that are typically associated with welcoming and advocating for people with marginalized identities.

The frame that encases those vibrant colors is compromised of a gradient light to brown skin tone to emphasize the importance of seeing the collective identities of all students at the College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

Lead: Art DIrector + Copywriter


The planning and development of events for the DEI Committee include designing flyers for Social that attract the student body and general Spartan community.

Social engagement is done by the facilitation of a discussion with interactive content and recognizable people represented across our media.  

A collection of these flyers follow below.

Lead: Art Director + Copywriter


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